Returning To Full Band & No More Committee Zooms!

by Deb Lyons

After almost 16 months of zoom-only committee meetings and no full band rehearsals being possible or allowed, we have finally held our first committee meeting in person on Sunday evening (July 18th, but outside on a stunning Summer evening) and now, Monday July 19th, we are really looking forward to having our first full Eagley Band rehearsal together since March 2020. It has certainly been a long wait.

Like all bands here in Britain, having not been able to rehearse fully since a year last March, it is really exciting to think that from tonight we are once again able to rehearse as a full band. The downside however, as every Summer in every brass band, is that we now have to contend with many players and their families going away on holiday to all parts of the UK over the next six weeks, so when we announce that “Full band is back from tonight!” it really means we are ‘allowed’ to rehearse again in full but will have to allow for a variety of holidays and any players who maybe forced to self-isolate at some point and not leave their homes!

However, tonight is the night, July 19th 2021, and after many weeks of small sectionals, larger sectionals, parts of upper band only, parts of lower band only, rehearsals only for our four percussionists, then various combinations of the above, tonight we hope to start back as a full band again and really look forward to beginning our preparations for the 2021 National Brass Band Finals of Great Britain in just eight weeks at Cheltenham and becoming a First Section band from January!