Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend 3rd-5th June 2022

by Deb Lyons
Four Great Concerts Inside Three Days!

It is hard to imagine a greater contrast and more polarised set of circumstances between the fantastic Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend Eagley Band just enjoyed in Bolton over the first weekend in June 2022 compared with the past two lockdown summers of not even being able to play a single note together as a band. Over the course of a unique bank holiday Friday, and the Saturday and Sunday, we gave four very different, outstanding concerts in four very different venues, across four different areas of the town (from almost in Blackrod to Egerton Park, beyond Bromley Cross and Walmsley, via to the Main Stage in the town centre square and Horwich sandwiched in between) and very definitely in four completely different climates and temperatures. Just for good measure, our MD Chris Wormald was also the compere for three hours in the Victoria Hall on the Saturday evening for the Bolton Rotary Club Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Concert as well.

Eagley Band’s jubilee celebration weekend began with a full two hour Friday afternoon concert on an outdoor stage in baking temperatures on behalf of Bolton Council and the new Mayor of Horwich, Councillor Steven Chadwick. The packed car park and 22C heat in very bright sunshine should have been a clue as to the scorching afternoon which was to follow but, as always, the band played and entertained superbly and a great afternoon was enjoyed by everyone playing and the many hundreds of people watching and listening.

Not nearly as hot or sunny was the following day, as we took to the main stage in Bolton town centre square on Saturday afternoon to entertain the crowds of people gathered to watch and listen in another huge event organised by Bolton Council. What started out as a large audience as we began to play very quickly grew and grew to become a huge and enthusiastic crowd and by the conclusion of our concert, many hundreds of people were joining in with everything we played, singing loudly with the band, waving flags, and a great time was had by everyone.


On the Sunday morning, we took on another outdoor, but also under cover, booking all morning at the huge Tesco adjacent to Middlebrook and the Bolton Wanderers Stadium in temperatures which were as low as 12C and in rain – it was much colder than the day before and absolutely freezing compared to the baking Friday afternoon less than 48 hours earlier.

With minimum time, we packed up everything and dashed over to Egerton Park to perform our only open-air concert of the extended weekend, once again on behalf of Bolton Council. None of us had ever been required to play in a circular formation before and our MD said it was unique to him in 39 years of conducting, but the set up worked extremely well and the acoustic was much more than an interesting experiment. Once again the band played superbly to a very appreciative audience and this fourth performance since Friday lunchtime brought our jubilee concerts across Bolton to a hugely successful and satisfying close.

During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 it seemed almost impossible to believe that such a fantastic and uplifting weekend of performing would ever be possible again, but here we are in June 2022 and the standard of the band has never been higher, nor has it been more enjoyable for all of us playing together again.