Eagley Band To Return To Rehearsing…But In A New Bandroom!

by Deb Lyons

After one year, two months and eight days without playing a single note of music together or, put another way, well over 430 days and 110 full rehearsal band nights lost to the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, we at Eagley Band are finally returning to playing together – albeit only in small groups but in our new bandroom!

It is exactly 50 years since the Eagley Mills closed down in 1971 and ever since that time, Eagley Band (formed in 1850 as Eagley Mills Band) has been trying to find a long term, permanent Bolton home in which to rehearse. Starting with a Cornet sectional followed by many small scale, sectional rehearsals for the best part of a month, at last we are looking forward to making music again and starting to prepare for our long anticipated participation in the 2021 National Brass Band Championships Finals to be held in Cheltenham towards the end of September.

Our new bandroom is situated in Bolton town centre along Institute Street, within the huge masonic building. Completely renovated and redecorated throughout and featuring a brand new, modern central heating system, Eagley Band can finally look forward to being based and rehearsing in one place rather than having to share rehearsal space with another organisation.

This means that our extensive and historic library, together with all of our stage and outdoor uniforms, waterproof coats and marching accessories are now all housed in one place, in adjacent rooms to our main rehearsal space.

Exciting and fun times lie ahead for our music making once again and we can’t wait to ease everyone back in to playing as a full band for the first time from the end of June all being well.