by Deb Lyons

On June 4th 2020 it was announced by BAFTA, the British Academy of Film, Television and Arts, that the first programme in the recent Sky Arts “Battle of The Brass Bands” series has been nominated for a prestigious 2020 BAFTA award in the ‘Sound-Factual’ category for television. The BAFTA Awards are industry leading and, until the pandemic this year, have always been staged in a major London venue such as the Royal Albert Hall, complete with red carpet and hundreds of television stars, presenters, celebrities and magazine photographers, televised every year on BBC1 and with hosts ranging from Stephen Fry and Graham Norton to Joanna Lumley. The awards are currently sponsored by Virgin Media having previously been sponsored by Orange and EE.

Programme One of the four programme Sky Arts brass band series, the BAFTA nominated episode about Whit Friday march contests, features our MD Chris Wormald not only being interviewed in the television studio retrospectively for the programme but also filmed adjudicating on the night of the contests themselves, in situ at Greenfield. Chris appears multiple times during the programme, providing insight, comment and context on how the contests work and the specific tasks and requirements of the adjudicators.

The following press statement was released;

“Episode One of the Sky Arts television series “Battle of The Brass Bands” has been nominated for a prestigious 2020 BAFTA award. The episode covering the Whit Friday contests has been nominated for a BAFTA in the ‘Sound-Factual’ category and will battle for the prize alongside nominations from BBC1 for ‘One Planet’ and the Netflix ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’ series. The four part Sky Arts “Battle of The Brass Bands” series also covered the British Open, National Championships and Brass In Concert contests, gaining widespread popular and critical acclaim. The 2020 BAFTA winners will be announced for the first time on-line this year due to the pandemic, on Friday 17th July.”

For an insight into the making of the Sky Arts BAFTA nominated programme, please click here;