Another Victoria Hall Eagley Success!

by Deb Lyons

On Saturday night, April 23rd, we took to the stage at Bolton’s Victoria Hall once again for only the second time in three years due to the pandemic, this being our latest concert for St George in association with Bolton Lions charity. Together with our usual Victoria Hall stage guests, our M.D. Chris Wormald’s Community Choir and, after the interval, his Community Band too, we performed another superb night enjoyed by a wonderful audience of many hundreds of enthusiastic Boltonians!

The compliments which all of the performers received after the concert were unanimously effusive and everyone was of the belief that Eagley had played even better than ever. All of our principal players, led by Cornetist Lynsey Hayes, really brought their ‘A’ game to the entire concert and this led to everyone else in the band playing at their absolute best level too, from the opening notes of Army of The Nile through to the Star Wars encore at end of the concert. It was a programme of technique, sound and stamina for every player too, from outstanding Soprano Lilly Gliddon to the superb four Basses and three percussionists who had all been members of the award-winning Smithills bands with our M.D. during their school years before joining Eagley. Our programme included well known pieces ranging from Let’s Face The Music and Dance to Star Wars (in tribute to composer John Williams’ 90th birthday) but also brand new arrangements made especially by Chris Wormald such as Wherever You Maybe, The Prayer and many more.

Our hugely successful evening, with proceeds going to Ukraine via Bolton Lions, also included a performance of the 1976 hit Music in recognition of the passing of John Miles in December and only a day after it was announced that legendary brass band figure Richard Evans had died, the combined bands, choir and audience joined forces in a powerful rendition of Be Still For The Presence of The Lord involving over 600 voices which raised the roof and created goose bumps for everyone in honour of Mr Evans. The combined forces of Eagley, the Community Choir and Community Band also performed an emotive Prayer For Ukraine during the second half of the concert in solidarity with numerous bands and choirs all currently giving concerts throughout the UK and Europe.

A great night was once again enjoyed by everyone who played, sang, performed, supported, attended and spoke from the stage, and with a hugely successful raffle and the superb printed programmes selling out completely long before all of the audience had arrived, the evening was a huge success in every respect.